Centrifugal Technologies has released the dates for the 2017 Spring centrifugal training class.  The dates are as follows: Spring Session: May 9-11, 2017 Call us today to book your seat and take advantage of this amazing opportunity!  1-800-515-1160!!


Air End 2017

Completely restored air end for a 2 stage Centac compressor supplied as an air end exchange. CTI provides everything needed for your centrifugal air compressor needs! You can rely on us 24/7/365; call us today: 800-515-1160!!


Before and After Pics of an Anchor Hocking

Wow! Check out these before and after pictures of CTI’s latest total overhaul completed on a Joy® TA18. Call us today and let us take care of your industrial compressed air needs!


Tornado in Mayfield, Kentucky

On May 10, 2016, a destructive tornado ripped through areas in and around Mayfield, KY.  Centrifugal Technologies was fortunate enough to be spared from this horrific event and luckily, all of our employees and their homes were untouched.  However, several of our friends, neighbors, and fellow business owners were not so lucky.  Some lost everything […]

FREE Offer from Centrifugal Technologies, Inc.

Invest your year end money with Centrifugal Technologies; let us take care of all your compressed air needs. Every purchase order from now until Thanksgiving will enter customers into a drawing for a FREE seat at our next centrifugal compressor training class. Call us today: 1-800-515-1160!

Centrifugal Technologies, Inc. Participates in KY Fame Program

Centrifugal Technologies, Inc. is honored to be a part of the Western Kentucky chapter of KY Fame. “The program offers innovative, apprentice-style education and training designed to create one of the most highly skilled workforces in the world.” http://www.lanereport.com/55266/2015/09/ky-fame-expansion-into-western-kentucky-creates-8th-workforce-training-chapter/

Centrifugal Compressor Air-End Exchanges

Centrifugal Technologies offers air-end exchanges for your centrifugal compressors, saving you money and down time.  We offer new and/or re-manufactured quality parts, turnkey installation, extended warranty plans, and preventative maintenance contracts.  We also offer credit on your exchange.  Call today and let CTI take care of your compressed air needs: 1-800-515-1160!   

Centac® Air Cooler Clean, Test, & Repair (CTR)

Centrifugal Technologies performs the Centac® air cooler cleaning process in-house with no outsourcing. Therefore, we offer our customers the best service and optimum response time for cleaning, testing and repairing your Centac® air coolers!  Call us today: 1-800-515-1160!