Services & Capabilities for Mayfield, KY

Centrifugal Compressors

  • Remanufactured Air Ends
  • Complete Compressor Packages
  • Parts Repair
    • Rotor assembly repair/dynamic balance
    • Cooler clean/test/repair
    • Inlet and bypass valve repair
    • Casing repair/stainless steel sleeving
  • Field Service

Field technicians can perform repairs with your team or CTI can supply complete crews, etc. for full service.

Preventive Maintenance Program

  • Replacement Parts
    • Complete overhaul kits
    • Gasket kits
    • Journal bearings, tilt-pad, etc.
    • Carbon ring seals/ Labyrinth seals
    • Air coolers
    • Oil coolers/ Inlet air filters
    • Oil filters/ Check valves
    • Vibration monitor components
    • Instrumentation such as RTD’s, pressure transmitters, analog gauges, etc

Vibration Analysis

  • Base Line Data Acquisition
  • Predictive Maintenance Trending
  • Diagnostic Testing/ Reporting

Seminar Training

  • In house, semi-annual training for operators, maintenance technicians, instrument technicians, or anyone wanting a better understanding of centrifugal compressors.
  • On-site seminar training. (Certification testing available.)

Remanufactured Compressors

  • 12 month warranty provided with our remanufactured compressors.


  • PLC Controls Available in Allen Bradley, etc.
  • Inlet temperature compensation assures tight control without surging.
  • Tight valve control near surge line equals increased energy savings.
  • Digital inputs for switches, etc.
  • Analog inputs for any required instrumentation.
  • Complete panels for complete upgrades (Nema 12X standard).
  • Plug and play retro-fits available for MP3, CMC, and others.
  • Total system integrations available to control auxiliary systems such as dryers, cooling water pumps, etc.