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About AirLogix® Local Compressor Controller

CTI proudly partners with Case Controls® to offer you the AirLogix® Local Compressor Controller (LCC). Replace your obsolete OEM compressor controllers with an Allen-Bradley CompactLogix or ControlLogix PLC.

  • AirLogix® Product Data Sheet
    • Allen-Bradley PLC and PanelViewPlus HMIs
    • No Proprietary Components
    • Dynamic Throttle Operation for Energy Savings
    • Built by Case Controls®
    • Quick Install Retro-Kits Available

Centac® Air Coolers Clean, Test, & Repair (CTR)

Centrifugal Technologies performs the Centac® air cooler cleaning process in-house with no outsourcing. Therefore, we offer our customers the best service and optimum response time for cleaning, testing and repairing your Centac® air coolers!

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